4 Fantastic Holiday Parks To Choose From

Posted by 07heaven on August 29, 2015

There are plenty of alternatives to Butlins and Centre Parcs that the family can enjoy. These lesser-known holiday parks are no lesser in quality, in fact, those who didn’t have a good time at the popular places decided to go to some of these parks instead.

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south devon coast

Great Family Destinations To Travel During The Summer

Posted by 07heaven on August 27, 2015

The summer vibe is out, kids have finally finished their school year and they are ready to get out there as well as you. But, finding somewhere to go that suits you as well as the little ones can be quite the challenge. Here I’ll list a few popular destinations in recent years to help spark an idea for you.

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bournemouth zip line

Eeriest Sites In Essex

Posted by 07heaven on August 22, 2015

Whenever a building is considered to be creepy, usually that building is linked with to the Victorian era, an era when ghosts first appeared.

While I don’t believe in ghosts, it is always fascinating to experience something eerie and strange.

Ghost movies and old folklore tales have captured our imaginations and below we have a list of sites where we can experience unusual phenomena or silly rumours.

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borley rectory

The Smoothest Way To Plan For Domestic Travel

Posted by 07heaven on August 20, 2015

Learn what you can do to cut the cost of domestic travel to save more money for the your holiday or weekend break and spend less on the travel.

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the m25 road

Unusual Coach Tours In Essex

Posted by 07heaven on August 15, 2015

Essex once had  more than 20 castles and forts, however, the majority are now just earthworks. There are still a few impressive castles that you can visit.

You may have already been to a popular destination such as London’s top attractions or Colchester zoo but how about taking an interest in some of the least known places that don’t get the praise they should?

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summer country road

The Cost of Motorway Services

Posted by 07heaven on August 13, 2015

On the 27th of July drivers were urged to avoid filling up their car at motorway areas where the price of fuel is 11p more expensive than the national average.

This small difference means that filling up a large family car with 60 litres every week would cost £25 more every month.

Experts believe that diesel is still too expensive when compared to its wholesale price.

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a scenic stop off

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