The Best Rural Escapes In Britain

Posted by 07heaven on September 27, 2015

Though remoteness in Britain hasn’t disappeared, it is under threat. There are forests to escape to, caves to curl up in and valleys untouched by tourists but we just need to know where to look.

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A Short, Relaxing Escape For Romantic Couples

Posted by 07heaven on September 24, 2015

Short, relaxing holiday breaks is a must for everyone. Studies have shown that having a holiday is good for your career as you “become less productive” . This is especially true for those who work longer hours as they aren’t as creative and can’t maintain the same intensity level.

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The Heart Of England

Posted by 07heaven on September 20, 2015

Situated in the heart of the country, the Heart Of England is the perfect website for holidaymakers looking for a quick break or a nice, relaxing holiday.

The website makes it easy for excursionists, travellers, sightseers and tourist to decide on where they want to go as there are more than 900 attractions to visit in 8 areas of the Midlands.

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6 Benefits Of Team Building Excursions

Posted by 07heaven on September 17, 2015

Business success doesn’t just depend on foolproof business plans, the employer’s ability to manage the company and the staff and the staff’s skillsets and abilities. Success also depends on morale and the staff’s ability to work with each other.

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Hailstone Awarded The CoachMarque Accreditation

Posted by 07heaven on September 12, 2015

Great news we at Hailstone Travel have just been awarded the CoachMarque Accreditation as an assured coach company within our industry. Showing that we work to the highest standards.

Giving our customers peace of mind when booking and showing our existing customers they have been travelling with a company that have their best interests at heart to get them to their destination and back safely.

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coach marque certificate

Meet Our Newest Addition To The Travel Fleet

Posted by 07heaven on September 10, 2015

The great Cyclone is our new 34-seater coach fitted with air-conditioning. The cyclone has already taken passengers as far as the Isle of Wight, Birmingham, Newmarket and Cambridge. Our customers are loving the comfort and open nest within the vehicle.

You may see our new member of the team touring London and rolling along with its PA System, smooth air-suspension, full coach sized seats for maximum comfort and 3 point belts for extra safety.

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