Great London Mini Travels For Young Ones

Posted by 07heaven on October 29, 2015

Whether it’s a school trip or a birthday party, the young ones want a day of action packed fun where there’s always something new to learn and inspire them.

London has some amazing locations for day trips, which is why we’ve compiled an easy list of some of their best locations.

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The Tourists Guide To Britain

Posted by 07heaven on October 25, 2015

When tourists dream of visiting Britain, where do they want to go? England alone is rich in its history and people from all over the world flock here to see evidence of the cultures that have invaded.

From Prehistoric Britain to Viking Britain to Medieval Britain, foreign visitors have plenty of reasons to come here.

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white cliffs

6 Family Outings For The Mid-term Break

Posted by 07heaven on October 22, 2015

Here are some of the UK’s most exciting attractions for young ones to enjoy during their mid-term break.

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go ape

Electrical Cars To Charge While On The Go

Posted by 07heaven on October 18, 2015

Last week Highways England announced that off road trials of ‘charging lanes’ will be installed under test roads to replicate a motorway-like surface later this year. The 18-month trial run will determine whether or not this technology will work on Britain’s busiest roadways.

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Hurricane Boot

The Call Me Back Scam Targeting Travel Agents

Posted by 07heaven on October 16, 2015

The CPT (The Confederation of Passenger Transport UK) has warned that several travel agents have been hit by premium rate telephone callers. A customer uses their telephone to call the travel agent to make an enquiry.

They ask to be called back due to bad reception and so they ask the travel agent to call back on a 070 number. This number costs up to 65p/min from BT lines.

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coach in basildon

Octobers Food & Drinks Festivals

Posted by 07heaven on October 15, 2015

Music to our ears as every year October hosts 2 massive Food & Drinks Festivals in the UK. This is where family’s and friends spend 3 or 4 days taste testing all the chefs foods as they provide live cookery demonstrations alongside live music.

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coach in basildon

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