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Top 5 Benefits of Travelling with Hailstone

Posted by Hailstone on May 6, 2015

“Green” Travel

Did you know that a fully loaded coach consumes less fuel per passenger than a fully loaded car? Believe it or not, this is true. A loaded Coach will get close to 5 times better fuel efficiency per passenger than a car will. If protecting the environment is a concern of yours, then let Hailstone Travel help you with your transportation needs!

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Beware of coach hire agencies!!

Posted by Hailstone on April 23, 2015

Are coach hire agencies dangerous? Are they reliable? Are you safe in their hands?

These questions are asked about any company but we found out that agencies are not always the best options.

Let’s see what you get from an agency shall we?

You could get a quote that can’t be beaten. Their coach organisation is all over the country. They ask for full payment up front to secure your booking.

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Travel Saver

Posted by Hailstone on March 19, 2015

Why would traveling by coach save you money?

Traveling by coach you are all using the same vehicle which saves money in fuel and the environment. You get to spend the time together having a chat and laugh while relaxing on our luxury coaches at Hailstone Travel Ltd.
At some locations you have to pay parking, now think about it. One coach parking or multiple cars parking? What would be cheaper?

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Become A Travel Saver

Safeguarding Your Money

Posted by 07heaven on July 30, 2014

Why pay a deposit?

The deposit benefits both sides the company and yourself. The reason the company take the deposit from you is to make sure the coach is secure for your journey. It is also to make sure that if cancelled (14 days prior to date journey) that we keep the deposit due to leaving an open space for another customer who could or would of wished for it.

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Safeguarding Your Money

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