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Possibly the most famous town in Essex due to the famous TOWIE show, Brentwood hosts many activities. Whether you are a fan of TOWIE or not, this sleepy little town has something for everybody.

Activities With Brentwood Mini Bus Hire

Below are the list of activities Brentwood mini bus hire passengers can do in and around the town:

Rocky’s Fun House

Great for children’s birthday parties, Rocky’s Fun House is an indoor soft play centre where parents can sit and relax with a delicious cup of tea and children can run off into the funhouse.

Hopefield Animal Sanctuary

This child friendly animal sanctuary is a fantastic haven for kids to play in the day out. Horses, goats, pigs and even chinchillas are some of the animals your kids can see.

Thorndon Country Park

Another wildlife sanctuary for the children to explore, the park contains rare areas of heathland which are being managed and restored by local conservationists.

Dads can fish if they have a permit or the family can go cycling and horse trekking through the woods.

Immerse yourself in the diverse wildlife as you breathe in the scent of bluebells and other gorgeous woodland plants.

This is a great place for those into photography. Thorndon Country Park is diverse and attracts many species of migrant birds.

Brentwood Park Ski and Snowboard Centre

Located next to the golf centre, a chinese buffet restaurant and the go karting track, this part of Brentwood is a goldmine for outsiders who are looking for a whole day of activity.

Overlooking 54 acres of woodlands, the ski and snowboard centre is a great place to start training before venturing to Switzerland.

Brentwood Karting

This exhilarating outdoor circuit is 825m long and hosts casual days and pro racers. Kids as young as 6 can learn the basics of go karting in a safe and enjoyable environment.

Weald Country Park

For the more curious and investigative individuals, Weald park has local guides to show you around the centre before you start investigating flowers, insects and halloween walks.

This is a 500 acre park, the largest in Essex, so you are guaranteed a quiet spot in the summer.

The Cater Museum

More of an educational tour but no less fun for all the visiting groups, this place house many historical artefacts from the 18th and 19th century.

Explore atmospheric rooms, a mid Victorian parlour, boudoir and kitchen, as well as a WWII exhibition.

Town Facts With Brentwood Mini Bus Hire

Hailstone’s Brentwood mini bus hire service can take you on a tour around the town for whatever travelling reasons you have.

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