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Weekend Ideas With Grays Mini Bus Hire

Posted by 07heaven on June 4, 2015

Weekend Ideas With Grays Mini Bus Hire


Ever got that feeling of wanting a weekend adventure with your mates? Yes you can spend your time at the pubs and clubs and, as discussed in our Grays mini bus hire story’s, you can always go somewhere bigger and better. I’m sure there’s a great experience to chase but we can do that anytime, any weekend and eventually we grow tired of the same old places. So how about we spice it up a bit and do something different.

Let’s explore the bigger picture and see what we can do in other parts of the UK where the Grays mini bus hire company travel to:

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Grays Mini Bus Hire Story’s

Posted by 07heaven on May 26, 2015

A lot of our enquires ask about our Grays mini bus hire service and from people in the surrounding areas. I assume it’s because the young people in the area are bored with very little activity to take part in. Also many locals from outside the area want to visit to Lakeside. Below are just a couple of fun story’s on our existing customers.

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A vehicle used in our grays mini bus hire fleet

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