Chelmsford Mini Bus Hire Enquiry With Hailstone

Why Book Us for a Chelmsford Mini Bus Hire?

A vehicle from our Chelmsford mini bus hire fleet

Some of our customer testimonials include positive feedback on the Chelmsford mini bus hire services we offer. Testimonials are the most important factor everyday consumers use as it is in our nature to go with the majority. If lots of people are going that way and they are raving about what is so great about going there, then its only right that others will be curious too.

How do we get our customers to rave? We exceed their expectations. We arrive early, we make sure those travelling with us are not thinking about the journey and what could go wrong. We make sure the driver has a plan B, a plan C, a plan D so as to not have the group leader start thinking and stressing when it should be their time off from the everyday norm.

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These vehicles are best for 5-10 people who come from anywhere from weddings, night outs, corporate events, sports events, club outings. If we haven’t mentioned it you can guarantee we do it so long as its legal of course.

What about the locations? Don’t worry we’ve got that covered too. We take our groups out to as far as Scotland and Wales if we need to. Other areas include Dover and Southampton to Luton.

chelmsford mini bus hire

We are a local family run business who have built a very respectable reputation in the Essex area. Our priceless experience in the industry comes with the assurance of quality, trust and reliability.

Our goal is to provide an outstanding customer service, provide a high stand of comfort throughout the booking process and journey and to help customers find transport solutions whether that’s organising a large group or hurrying to find a last-minute booking.

This combination of quality service results in a fantastic customer experience and satisfaction, which helps Hailstone Travel remain a well-known name in the industry.