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You don’t have to travel abroad in order to Surf!

Posted by 07heaven on June 6, 2017

Surfing is a water sport in which a person referred to as a surfer rides a board on a wave. The surfer then rides the wave heading towards the shore on their board. The surfboards themselves are these days made out of fibreglass and sizes range from 9-12ft. The original surfboards however were made of large heavy wood weighing around 68kg.


Surfing is now being recognised as an Olympic sport come 2020 it will be making a debut. There are various points awarded in the sport depending on tricks, wave size etc. This will all be taking place during the Tokyo Olympics inside 2020 for the first time.


The world record for the biggest wave surfed is at 78 feet (23.8m) in Portugal. However this is the largest recorded it is though that others have ridden larger waves however the difficulty of measuring the size of a wave due to the constant change in the mound of water. A common method used to help ride a big wave is tow in surfing where a jet ski will propel the surfer onto the wave towing behind their vehicle.


So where in the UK can you surf?

First of all surfing inside the UK is very different to surfing abroad. For starters a wet suit will be a must requirement, as the waters will be freezing. So the two most popular destinations inside the UK for surfing are Cornwall in the South West of England and Devon. Other locations in the UK include Llangennith in Wales, Pease Bay in Scotland, Bournemouth and Freshwater West in Pembrokeshire.


If you are however looking to sure Cornwall would be the best place to start. With beginner smaller waves allowing you to learn the sport and grow before you try and tackle larger waves. Who knows you could be the person to be beating the world record big wave!