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Family games to make that journey go quicker

Posted by 07heaven on June 8, 2017

The stress of travel can often be relieved by playing a few group games to help the time fly by especially if you are travelling with young children. These games can be played on coaches, car journeys and trains.



If you’ve got a pen and paper spare this is the game everyone can enjoy. The simple rules of drawing out the lines for each character in the word you’ve guessed. Then for every guess the person guessed wrong you draw a different piece of the hangman until all the guessed are wrong and the person has been hung or the word has been guessed.


I spy

Possibly one of the most famous and easiest of games used by everyone. The rules are simple the person who’s turn it is guessed something that they can see and someone else has to try and guess what they’ve seen. Once they have guessed or given up it then moves to the other person to do.



An easy game that can be played with others. The rules of the game are each person can say either 1,2 or 3 numbers. The objective of the game is to get the other person to say 21. Gradually as you each take it in turns growing in numbers the game becomes tighter as you tactically reduce the amount of numbers you say in order to not say 21.


Noughts and Crosses

An easy two player game where you draw out a grid of 2 lines horizontal and 2 lines vertically between leaving 9 squares. From there you decide who will be ‘O’s’ and who will be ‘X’s’. Once you have decided who goes first you take it in turns in the 9 square grid trying to get a line of 3. If neither person wins you draw out a grid again and start again so on until a winner has been found.


So next time you’re on that long journey don’t forget about the fun that be had from just a pen and paper or the power of the imagination.