Grays Coach Hire

We offer excellent coach hire services for school trips, a private party, day excursions, airport transfers, group travels, corporate events, a wedding and just about every other group event out there. As we’ve been running for over 20 years, we understand what groups and individuals are looking for, what their challenges are and have adapted our services to serve their needs from hen nights to OAP day outs.

Why Choose Grays Coach Hire from Hailstone Travel?

Due to our extensive experience in the industry where we have been accredited the highly coveted Coach Marque certification for our high quality standards in the coach industry, we’re able to provide a quality service over our competition. In fact, the accreditation is proof of our high standards of professionalism and organisation.

Grays coach hire isn’t our only area of expertise, we operate services throughout Essex and can take groups and individuals in any Essex town to anywhere in Britain. One of our most popular events is the day excursions, whether that’s to the castles, the countryside or seasides.

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As safety and security is so crucial in this industry, we take the extra step to purchase new coaches and mini buses on a regular basis. Not only does this extra effort keep us ahead of our competitors and helps us become a respected name in the industry, but it also puts customers at ease as they won’t be nervous about travelling on an outdated vehicle. They’ll be travelling on a modern coach with the latest safety equipment and facilities.

Part of enjoying your Christmas festivities is the journey. Have you ever been on a plane or in a car and tried to sleep or at least get comfortable after 2 or 3 hours? It’s not easy is it. Never fear, our state of the art seating and facilities is here as the Cyclone can comfortably take passengers on long journeys without the stress and headache.

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The Cyclones large boot ensures that you don’t even need to take hand luggage on board if its going to be a nuisance to look after. Just take on your iPad, smartphone, newspaper, book or laptop. This coach is ideal for tours out of Grays.

Grays Coach Hire for Private Charters

We are very flexible when dealing with enquiries and more than happy to help businesses, colleges and any group that needs a coach for specific purposes. When sports teams at college go and play a London team in the semi-finals, they want to be as comfortable as possible and have their minds on the game.

When employees are going out on a team building excursion, they want to remember the experience for years to come and they don’t want to remember the “bad coach journey” if they were travelling on one with old seating, uncomfortable seatbelts, and a terribly uncomfortable journey.

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We are concerned for the comfort of our passengers because we know that the journey is a big part of their experience. We want the passengers to get off, feel good and feel ready.

If you have any questions and need some guidance for your next travel please call 0845 388 3848 or email us at

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