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Lost Baggage? You can now Check Exactly where your Bags are at the Airport.

Posted by 07heaven on November 24, 2016

DELTA has released a new baggage tracker app to see where your suitcase is at all times. The American airline’s app is the first of its kinds, providing technology that maps your suitcase when it’s out of your hands.

Passengers can now check where their luggage is as it heads through various airport checkpoints and from one plane to the other on connecting flights.

The tracking system is owed to new bag tags with built-in radio frequency identification (RSID). This makes it much quicker and more convenient to locate luggage.

It’s a feature that has been introduced at 84 airports around the US, so passengers can only so far track their bags at domestic airports, yet international locations are soon to be added to the list.

Delta Baggae

The new technology hasn’t been cheap to develop, and reportedly cost £41 million. Yet it has improved the whole process in the US so far, showing a 10.5% reduction in lost baggage overall.

The reasons that baggage gets lost are also varied, yet severe weather is the most likely cause of a delay to your bags.

For example, when lightening or electrical storms strike, ground crews are ordered inside for safety – hence why they can’t get your bags to the terminal quicker.

The new technology is set to be minimal in smaller, remote airports, and at large airports with more ground to cover, you are often left waiting longer for your bags.