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Rainforest ‘Street Art’

Posted by 07heaven on November 15, 2016

Instead of etching graffiti across city walls and tube stations, Philippe Echaroux, a Brazilian photographer who describes himself as an activist artist, has illuminated the Amazon rainforest with light projections of the faces of Surui People.

The Surui people tribe are ‘victims of massive deforestation and gold washers who did not hesitate to violates the Indian’s territory to sieve deposits of precious stones’.

Echaroux hopes that by illustrating the unflinching faces of the people whose lives are directly affected that he reminds the international community of the ongoing environmental threat of deforestation and illegal logging in the region.



When describing the inspiration behind his project he said ‘When you cut a tree, it’s like putting down a man’.

The ‘street art’ he has created is both spooky and admirable, all that can be hoped is that this empowering artwork helps to raise awareness.