Romford Coach Hire – Best UK Countrysides

The UK has some of the finest destinations, some of which are even cheaper than the exotic Mediterranean hotspots. National parks, forests, fishing villages and unspoilt coastlines are all here in our back garden.

Romford coach hire has taken passengers to these stunning locations and beyond.

The UK’s Most Beautiful Countrysides With Romford Coach Hire

Here are some of the most beautiful locations our coach hire fleets can take you on outings, group excursions etc.


Cheshire is so much more than cheese and Daniel Craig, tourists get more delight from its garden. Rural Cheshire is a place serene gardens and a whole range of stately homes, with landscaping designs from England to exotic Oriental. The area is rich and diverse in horticultural heritage.

rolling countryside hills

The gardens aren’t Cheshire’s only place of extraordinary art, they also have art galleries, boutiques and cosy country inns.

Active groups can experience Go Ape for the first time to see what all the fuss is about. Maybe you prefer to go to ‘The Castle On The Rock’ which is a Beestion Castle and Woodland Park set on a hill atop the Cheshire Plain

The famous Peak District offers outsiders the chance to view breathtaking scenery’s that you can’t experience anywhere else in Britain. Choose Gritstone Trail for a 35 mile hike of wild moorland, rocky outcrops, impressive peaks and dramatic landscapes.

Any of our services including the Romford coach hire service can take passengers from Essex up to the hills and mountains of the Peak District.

Bronte Country 

Fans of the Wuthering Heights book can visit the Bronte Parsonage Museum to learn about this extraordinary family, and discover one of the most beautiful areas in Britain.

Haworth is famous for the three Bronte sisters and has many fine shops, cafes and restaurants. Visitors can learn to drive and fire up a steam locomotive and choose from one of the many Pennine countryside walks taking hikers across the moors, through valleys and industrial heritage sites.

bronte country house

llkley has some excellent events including the Literature Festival, the Bronte Festival of Women’s Writing, Haworth Arts Festival, the Art Trail and the South Pennines Walk and Ride Festival.

Romford Coach Hire’s Favourite Locations


Dorset is such a beautiful location that nearly half of its countryside is designated as an Area Of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Most of England’s conservation areas is in Dorset where 5% of England’s protected ancient monuments reside.

cove beach in dorset

The Landmarks:

The Countryside:

The Local Produce:

Hadrian’s Wall Country

The last remaining remnants of the Romans, even today people are amazed at how the Romans managed to build the wall that follows the rolling hills in such a majestic way.

One of Europe’s most important archaeological sites resides at Bardon Mill, the Roman castle and village of Vindolanda.

The Roman Army Museum is close to the Vindolanda with the Housesteads Roman Fort, an iconic frontier fort set atop the Whin Sill, and Hexham Abbey being the main attractions around the area.

hadrians wall