Romford Mini Bus Hire with Hailstone Travel

We have a strict policy in place to make sure none of our vehicles are older than 10 years old. This is because we want to provide the best customer service possible and having old vehicles that can break down, are uncomfortable and have an ugly interior can ruin the journey.

All our drivers are very friendly and willing to accommodate for your needs. We offer mini bus services throughout Essex including Romford. Many of our customers come to us via friends & family as we pride ourselves on bringing the best, and most safest, journey to your destination.

Popular Days out with Romford Mini Bus Hire

Here are just some of the places we have taken leisurely groups to in the UK. Whether its a day trip, an overnight stay, a weekend holiday or something more, we can provide you the services you’re looking for.

Tilbury Fort

Britain has many interesting defensive sites around the country but one of the longest standing defences is the Tilbury Fort, which has been standing solid since the 16th century.

The fort was built to protect the Thames and London from outside threats. The pentagonal design wasn’t developed until the 17th century after further advancements in European military technology.

This fort then saw action again in the First World War, when anti-aircraft guns shot down a zeppelin.

The fort is open daily most of the year where visitors can learn about its rich and significant history.

gate entrance of the fort

Combined Military Services Museum

This fascinating military museum in Maldon takes its guests on a journey through British military history from the savagely unforgiving medieval era through to today’s high-tech battlefields.

The museum doesn’t just focus on the soldiers and their commanders and their generals, visitors will also get a chance to read the cunning stories of spies and their disguises as experts have slowly uncovered the dark arts of James Bond figures over the years.

Visitors are spoilt as they get to dress up in the armour they’re observing and carry the equipment British soldiers use in warfare today.

Frinton-on-Sea Beach

Forget South East Asia’s unpopulated white sandy beaches, Frinton-on-Sea has managed to maintain its reputation as a quiet family resort despite commercial interests.

This Essex beach is so well-maintained that it was rewarded with the Blue Flag award for its ‘outstanding cleanliness’.

frinton beach

Longleat Safari

Great for family day’s out, kids can stand tall with the giraffes as they get up and close to the majestic creatures of Africa and Asia. Longleat isn’t just a massive park full of exotic animals, there’s also the ghost house that’s over 450 years old. Dare to eavesdrop on the ghostly tales of Grey Lady?

Perhaps you’d prefer to take on the BBC Deadly Adventure at Longleat and test your mental and physical abilities in the Deadly Challenge.

When you want to rest and catch your breath, go and get first class sea lion escorts to take you on the Jungle Cruise past Gorilla Colony.

We transport people from Romford, or any other town in Essex, further outside the county. We can take the group to any local or national destination.