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Safeguarding Your Money

Posted by 07heaven on July 30, 2014

Why pay a deposit?

The deposit benefits both sides the company and yourself. The reason the company take the deposit from you is to make sure the coach is secure for your journey. It is also to make sure that if cancelled (14 days prior to date journey) that we keep the deposit due to leaving an open space for another customer who could or would of wished for it.

Many people pay a deposit instead of the full amount due to companies taking money and not turning up. At Hailstone Travel we have had people call up saying a coach has let them down and we have sent a coach out to rescue them. These people then tell us that they have paid the original coach fully on booking. By paying just the deposit and paying the remaining balance on pick up you have control of your money and also gives you some safeguard that you are picked up and taken to your location.

Most coach operators do not ask for full payment on booking. If a company asks for full payment they are most likely a booking AGENT and not he coach operator. They have no control of what type or age of vehicle will be picking you up.

How to check if it’s an Agency and not a coach operator?

No coach operator has an operation centre ‘countrywide’ they are more area specific.

Has the web-site got pictures of their coaches and are they sign written with their name?

They will ask for full payment on booking

Ask them specifically if they own and operator the coaches.

This might not protect you completely, but it might help to make sure you are speaking to the operator and not a 3rd party.


Safeguarding Your Money