Southend Airport Transfers 2016 Beach Holidays

2016 is coming and with the new year comes new beach holidays to jet off and discover. We have handpicked a list of well-known and not-so-well-known beaches and resorts.

The Best Southend Airport Transfer Holiday Beaches

Whether you’re looking for an all out beach that’s overpopulated and overcrowded or a nice, quiet area to lay down and listen to the waves crashing, we have the list already put together so you don’t have to scurry off and find the right place from various websites.


Alaska may have the biggest coastline in the United States but biggest doesn’t mean best and most attractive coastline. Florida, arguably, has the best beaches in America with acres of white sand, hundreds of watersports activities and a small island that’s a world of its own compared to the hustle and bustle of the mainland.

pristine waters


Though you may not be so eager to fly away and spend your week on a pebbly beach, Croatia’s seasides still have a lot going for them compared to other European seasides. The little seaside town, Cavtat, is both charming and mesmerising for foreign visitors. Terracota roofs on whitewashed houses with a palm tree landscape and waterfront cafes says it all in terms of a relaxing break.

They too have a small island but, unlike the peaceful Florida island of Sanibel, Hvar invites families who are willing to spend on the luxuries in life.

cliff beach


Spain has become the textbook example of how not to develop a tourist industry as all 1400 miles of shoreline have been overdeveloped and is starting to be a second option when booking a holiday.

There are, however, many pockets of untouched wilderness that haven’t been touched by the hotel chains. Not because they’re kind but because the terrain is too rocky and uneven to be constructed on.

One special place in our hearts is the northern parts of Costa Brava where Catalan fishing villages reside and coves hide the beaches from view of the public. The Southend airport transfer service takes visitors straight to Southend airport for a flight to Alicante, Spain.


Italy doesn’t have the glamorous beaches of its European competitors but San Vito lo Capo in Sicily is a magnet for tourists for very different reasons. Firstly, the 2 mile coastline has a low-rise garden town panning out along the beach. Then there’s the wonderful vertiginous peak of Monte Monaco.

San Vito lo Capo is a very unique area of Europe as this is where the Arabs left their mark. The cuisine is influenced by Arabic culture. Also, boat tours head towards the Zingaro nature reserve and the village of Scopello. This is where Ocean’s Twelve was filmed.

resort town



Quite possibly the best beaches in the world are found in Thailand where islands are quiet due to no vehicles and local towns rely on tourists. The only problem is that Southend airport doesn’t fly to Thailand. You can hop from island to island by boat or kayak and swim to the smaller islands with a snorkel.

Kantiang Beach on Koh Lanta has some beautiful solitude beaches where you can be at one with yourself and your partner. There are some choices of activity but not enough to attract large crowds.

two boats on water