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Travel Sickness and how to avoid!

Posted by 07heaven on May 30, 2017

If you’re lucky enough to have booked yourself a nice holiday getaway this year, then make sure you stay well during your trip. Food poisoning is the most common form of illness when you are travelling abroad. With different cuisines, spices and flavours your stomach may not be up to the task. Some of these symptoms can include diarrhoea, fever and vomiting.


So what can you do to help avoid this?


Water Contamination

A lot of foreign countries water from the tap is not safe to drink. This is a common error that people incur when they aren’t used to travelling over seas. A very big recommendation is to make sure you are always drinking out of bottled water.

Food Contamination

Whether it’s raw or undercooked meats, raw seafood or food from street vendors you should make sure that the food you consume is of good quality and freshly prepared. All of these will very likely cause you to have food poising and incur the symptoms stated before. Therefore make sure when your food comes it’s piping hot so has been freshly prepared and cooked all the way through.



Germs are a very big factor on travels. Whether it’s through the airport, on the plane or during the holiday make sure you’re keeping well sanitized. Carrying a hand sanitizer with you is a great trick when travelling abroad as will limit germs to a bare minimum.


Overall make sure you’re being smart with your travels making sure your food is cooked through, your water is bottled and your sanitized. Follows these simple tips and you’ll be sure to have a travelsick free holiday.