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Travel Tips and Tricks to make sure your holiday runs smoothly

Posted by 07heaven on May 25, 2017

There’s no surprise that the initial part of travelling is easily the most stressful part. We’ve put together a list of some tips and tricks that should help you to make sure your trip is as least stressful as possible:


Travel Insurance

Our general thoughts are that we won’t need travel insurance it’s just a waste of money, there’s no way I’ll hurt myself abroad. This is a common mistake, travel insurance is vital should you have an accident, become ill, loose your luggage or other emergency situations that you’ll be thankful you took out the travel insurance.


Make Photocopies of Important Documents

Nowadays with most flights you check in before you have even arrived at the airport. Therefore you have the ability to bring more than one copy of your boarding pass. Printing duplicates and you holding a set and your travel partner holding a set will ensure that if one of you loses or misplaces them you will have spares.


Separate your money

A lot like the above money is a key part of your holiday. If you don’t have the money then your holiday can take a downward spiral very quickly. With pickpocketing being one of the most likely crimes to affect you when abroad. Therefore splitting your money between yourself and travel partner as well as in different luggage will make sure you have back ups.


Learn Common Phrases of the Local Language

If the country you are travelling to isn’t an English speaking region then learning common phrases of the local language can help. For example phrases like “please,” “Thank You” and “Sorry” can be very helpful in some situations.


Wear Sunscreen

Don’t forget not everyone else has the wet summers that we have here in England. Therefore making sure that you bring sunscreen appropriate for the weather conditions of the destination you are travelling to is key.


Have fun

Finally don’t forget the most important tip of all… Have Fun!