Wickford Airport Transfer Family Holiday’s

Hailstone Travels Wickford airport transfer team has compiled a list of the best family holiday destinations in Europe. We break Europe down into regions in case you aren’t interested in Western Europe this year but might consider Scandinavia.

Wickford Airport Transfer Destinations In The Mediterranean

Tuscany, Italy

South of Florence, explore the olive groves and riverside paths on small walks, hire a Trail-A-Bike and take the youngsters for a pedal around the hills.

Immerse them in the Italian culture by venturing into the cute towns and explore churches, eat Italian pizza and play on the swings

For just 746 euros a week 2 adults and 2 children can stay in an apartment.

italy tuscany

Tarn-et-Garonne, Mido-Pyrenees, France

Shop at the local markets for some of the freshest fruit as you enjoy the evening with music and entertainment within the market. The area has stunning lakeside beaches if ever you’re missing the sea.

Spend the days cycling and picnicking around the lake and in the wilds. Swim, kayak, trampoline and volleyball are all on offer for the holidaygoers.

Lodges are from 480 euros a week for a family of four.

Beautiful lake in France

Granada, Spain

As everybody wants to go to the beach, this leaves the hilly areas of Spain quiet and almost untouched by man.

These less populous areas are even more beautiful than the beach as you will have plenty of time to explore the quiet paths leading to waterfalls and whitewashed villages.

The Alpujarras offer a glimpse into history. Fruit trees installed by the Moors crisscross the landscape. Children get to go geocaching and mountain biking before taking a break at Salobrena and Almunecar.

village in granada, spain

Western Algarve

Arguably some of the best beaches in Europe, some of the beaches are long, wild and empty, perfect for those who want a quieter time. Inside Costa Vicentina natural park are the regions best beaches – Amoireira, Arrifana and Monte Clerigo.

Mugla province, Turkey

Surrounded by wheat fields rather than jet skis, Kayakoy is located along Turkey’s beautiful turquoise coast. The area is unique as instead of noisy tourists and loud bars, you have ancient ruins, empty houses and cobbled lanes.

There are still snorkelling and swimming opportunities with boat trips, paddle boards and kayaks for the quiet coves.

Wickford Airport Transfer Destinations In Western Europe

Provence, France

Saint-Jeannet is a medieval village situated near the bottom of the baous (tall rocky hills). This is a great spot for those who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of Vence and Grasse but still tap into the Riviera’s picturesque villages and gorgeous coastline.

Friesland, Netherlands

A holiday around the Lauwersmeer national park is the perfect alternative to a sunburnt, beach volleyball holiday. You know wildlife is a big part of the residents lives when they’re living alongside a rich Unesco world heritage site, The Wadden Sea.

Then ontop of this you’ve got the gentle cycling trips, kite flying, canal tours and rope bridges alongside zipwires.

The Wickford airport transfer team will keep this page updated to provide more destinations