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Essex Corporate Coach Hire

Posted by Hailstone on October 31, 2017

Essex Corporate Coach Hire


Finding the right coach hire for your corporate trip can be tricky, as you want a coach that not only can provide you and your colleagues with a smooth, comfortable, enjoyable ride, but also one that provides elegance and luxury. Of course, it also needs to be as comfortable as possible, refreshingly spacious and equipped with the latest features. Style is also very important as the coach you hire can reflect you as a company. If you hire a new, modern, well-designed coach then this is how people will see your company. Not just your colleagues but people all around the area will see this and take notice. Here, at Hailstone Travel, we have some of the most luxurious coaches around, perfect for any type of corporate travel. Whether you are a large or small company looking for corporate Essex coach hire then we have something for you.



What makes for a successful corporate coach trip?

When planning your corporate trip, there are a few things that can really help for a truly enjoyable journey. The first is, of course, the coach itself. This has to be comfortable, luxurious and quiet. A quiet journey is important as it encourages chats and can help with team bonding. Also, if any work needs to be done whilst travelling then this is made much easier by enjoying a quiet ride. Another thing is to indulge in some team games whilst on the coach. This is open to imagination, but things like quizzes and bingo will always go down well. It is also important to ensure nobody is left out or sitting on their own, unless that’s what they want. Offices can be full of cliques, so a great way of avoiding these is by ensuring everyone can chat to everyone.



What to expect from a corporate coach hire service

If you are choosing an Essex coach hire service then you should expect a first class and prestigious coach, driven by someone who has years of experience and who truly enjoys their job. You should also expect exquisite interior, modern facilities and spacious seating. No matter how far your journey, the coach itself should help you to be comfortable, relaxed and happy the entire way there.



Why choose Hailstone for your corporate Essex coach hire service?

Here, at Hailstone Travel, we understand what defines luxury and how to deliver a first class, luxurious experience every time. Based in Essex, we do everything possible to ensure your journey is relaxing, comfortable and lavish. There are many reasons why we rise above our competitors in our area, one of which is simply because of our fantastic, wide range of coaches to choose from. Our most luxurious and modern coaches are the Cyclone, Monsoon, Twister and Typhoon, all of which are a Mercedes Benz Voyager (2015-2017). These coaches are unrivalled in style, sophistication and elegance, everything you would expect from a Mercedes vehicle. They all have a large capacity of 34 seats and boast an incredibly smooth journey. However, if you need something a little smaller then we have coaches just as comfortable and luxurious as these but with fewer seats. For example, our 29 seater Mercedes UNVI is only smaller in size, not in stature. As is our 19 seater Iveco, which is aptly named Breeze for its wonderfully spacious interior and quiet ride. We do have even smaller coaches, but no matter the size they all have one thing in common, complete comfort.


If you are looking to hire an Essex coach hire company that can deliver a truly first class, reliable and enjoyable journey then why not let us show you what we can do, and allow us to take you from A to B in comfort, style and class.


To find out more about what we can offer please feel free to get in touch via our below contact details:


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