Terms and Conditions


A £50.00 non returnable deposit to be paid on confirmation of booking. (Where the word booking is part of the contract between Hailstone Travel Ltd and Hirer).


A cancellation charge of 50% if cancelled within 14 days prior to journey date. Full payment if cancelled within 7 days prior to journey date.


It is against the LAW to smoke on a PSV vehicle therefore any offender is liable for prosecution Any passenger(s) caught smoking will be evicted from the vehicle, the vehicle will stop and will not continue its journey until the said passenger has left the vehicle or at the discretion of the DRIVER the offence has been stopped. The HIRER is fully responsible for this booking and the control of passengers whilst on the vehicle. If the no-smoking requirement is disregarded by any passenger, it will be deemed that the HIRER has not fulfilled the Conditions of Hire and the journey can/will be terminated at this point and the HIRER will be responsible for full payment of this booking. Any damaged caused by passenger(s) smoking will be charged to the HIRER with a minimum charge of £30 per person (Conditions of Hire Number 16).


A charge (£50.00 per half hour) may be imposed if the start of journey is delayed by more than 15 minutes, as this could result in a delay on subsequent/pre-booked vehicle hire. HAILSTONE TRAVEL LTD can refuse to continue the booking if the delay is so long at start that they would subsequently be late for other hire work. The HIRER will be responsible for full payment of booking should this happen. (Airport return is exempt),


Driver can refuse to transport any passenger that he feels could be a danger/nuisance to other passengers or himself.


Passengers will not consume food (such as chips/burgers, greasy foods) or drink any ALCOHOLIC drinks on vehicle. Sandwiches and soft drinks will be allowed at the drivers discretion or if pre-arranged at time of booking, rubbish must be kept under control of hirer.


HAILSTONE TRAVEL LTD will not be responsible for any delay or lateness getting to your destination which is outside their control, i.e. traffic jam, weather conditions, passengers not on time for pick up etc.


Passengers not on time for booked return time may be left behind if driver cannot wait. Vehicle will not wait beyond 10 minutes of return time stated unless prior arrangement with office/driver, a charge of £10.00 for every 15 minutes beyond return time stated on booking is chargeable to HIRER, payment Cash in the first instance (Conditions of Hire Number 16).


No money will be refunded if vehicle passengers do not wait for return pick up vehicle, this will be classed as a breach of contract. Full or balance of invoice must be paid to driver prior to departure to destination. No money will be refunded if passengers do not wait for return pick up vehicle due to any unforeseen circumstance (ie emergency), this will be classed as a breach of contract.


AIRPORTS ONLY- Delayed landing; If delayed longer than 1 hour of return time stated, passengers may have to wait for bus pick up. A vehicle will be arranged to pick passengers up as soon as possible (if not on time). If landing date on invoice is incorrect the hirer will be liable for additional cost if the vehicle is resent on corrected date. It is the hirers responsibility to give correct return land details when booking, any changes hirer will be sent revised invoice. Payment must be paid on outward journey to airport.


Passengers to understand the procedure of where to pick up the vehicle on the return/landing trip. Please ask driver if any doubt about your return pick up point, especially as all Airports have different pick up procedures.


Any passenger(s) sick on vehicle (due to alcoholic indulgence) the HIRER will be charged a minimum of £40.00 (floor/seat etc) and additional £40.00 per extra seat for cleaning. This is due to specialist cleaning products needed to avoid infections etc. (Payment by Cash in the first instance (Conditions of Hire Number 16).


Parking charges not allowed in price of booking (i.e. races, day trips etc) unless otherwise stated. HIRER will be responsible for any parking charges that may apply on date of journey.


All passengers aboard any of our coaches are required by law to wear their seatbelts for the whole duration of any journey unless exempt with appropriate documentation.


HAILSTONE TRAVEL LTD cannot guarantee type of vehicles booked due to circumstances outside their control i.e. breakdown, where necessary other vehicles will be replaced to cover booking.


The HIRER is responsible for any damage caused to vehicle or appliances within the vehicle by HIRER or HIRER’S passengers. The HIRER will be charged and invoice sent for any such damage and various other conditions set out in our Conditions of Hire where mentioned. A direct payment from any Credit/Debit/Switch etc card used for said hire (deposit), will be taken by Hailstone Travel Ltd (unless paid by Cash at time of incident). If payment is unable to be taken by this method then Hailstone Travel Ltd will expect full payment within 10 days of date of invoice or Court Action will be taken, with interest added.